Raegan Shay


This is Raegan’s birth story. If your not into reading about birth stories then jump ship now or to the end for some cute pictures.

Friday night I went to bed feeling completely fine. I was having small contractions that were inconsistent and I didn’t think anything of it. Tyson was still at work when I went to bed around midnight as well as two hours later when I woke up at 2am shaking in pain. I had a feeling this might be the case with this kid, cause he had been working 100+ hour weeks. I texted Tyson telling him he needed to come home and his response? “I need 30 minutes”. Haha ummm yeah that wasn’t going to work for this prego mama, so my response was to get home ASAP. I ended up waking up my mom to get support in working through the pain while I waited for Mr. Wallstreet to get home. Tyson said he had caught a cab 5 minutes later and I started to make my way down to our lobby where I gave our poor little doorman a heart attack. First he asked if I was okay… No kiddo! I’m about to birth a child on your lobby floor. Didn’t say this, but definitely thought this was going to be the case. Then he quickly followed up with asking where Tyson was. I was wondering the same thing. Luckily Tyson pulled up in the taxi two minutes later and told me to get in. You should have seen the taxi driver’s face. It was a mix of “Oh crap, this lady is in labor.” and “Please don’t get in my cab.”. Our hospital is literally two blocks away and I knew taking a taxi would take longer than walking it. I also knew I wasn’t feeling so well and that it could potentially lead to a messy outcome. Let’s just say that taxi driver was grateful I denied the ride, because 10 steps into my walk I was barfing up everything I had eaten the night before up. Tyson quickly stepped back out of the splash zone and let me finish my business. When you are prego and sneeze sometimes you pee, so when you are prego and vomit there is even less control. In my case I was wearing a dress, so said liquid was pouring down my legs. Did I turn back to get fresh clothes?? Nope! Off to the races we went. It felt like we were never going to get there, because I could only get myself to walk 1/10 of regular New Yorker speed and had to stop a few times to barf.

When we finally got to the hospital there was a paramedic outside. He literally laughed at me and said “This isn’t your first kid is it?”. Then he escorted us inside and got me a wheel chair. The first question they ask, of course, is how far apart your contractions are. In my case I wasn’t able to count them, because the pain was never ending and I couldn’t get my body to stop shaking.

The pain was so bad I thought I may had been in transitional labor. Was that the case? Sadly no, I was still only dilated to a 2-3. The same number I had been less than 24 hours earlier. They hooked me up to a belly monitor for the baby’s heart rate and found it to be in the low 200’s, which is no bueno. The doctor came in and told me that I was most likely going to need an emergency C-section. I immediately broke down into tears, because a C-section was the last thing I wanted, but of course I would do anything to ensure our baby was safe and healthy. The pain was still excruciating and I still was not able to distinguish each contraction, even though the monitor was tracking them at every 3 minutes. I felt off, but thought that maybe it was just part of being in labor. The doctor said she thought it was because I was dehydrated and said I would feel better after receiving an IV. After the doctor left a nurse attempted and failed with placing the IV in. She went and got back up who too could not place the IV. It took 4 nurses to get an IV in me, because I was so dehydrated. Meanwhile I was still puking my guts up, making the situation worse. Once it was finally in we were moved to our delivery room to be monitored until the doctor made the decision whether or not we were going to move forward with the C-section.

Once in our room, and settled, I requested a priesthood blessing from Tyson for our baby. After the blessing her heart rate dropped into the low 190’s (Church is true!!) and when the doctor came in she decided to hold off on the C-section until 6am, because the baby was showing improvement and I was dilating on my own. The pain and shaking had not lessoned any and I quickly requested an epidural. After the anesthesiologist placed the epidural in my back he told the nurses to check my temperature, because my whole body felt hot. To their surprise I had a fever of 104. This explained why the baby’s heart rate was so high. I had an inter-uterine infection that gave me a fever, was stressing the baby out, and causing the continuous pain. They put me on antibiotics and oxygen, then continued to monitor me. I told Tyson to get some sleep while he could until it was time to have the baby.

6am rolled around and the doctor said she wanted to wait another 30 minutes before moving forward with the C-section. They also informed me that the baby would need to go straight to the NICU right after she was born. In the NICU she would be started on the same antibiotics I was on to fight the infection for 48hrs. From that point on for the next 4 hours the baby’s heart rate had dropped just enough when they came in to check on me. Every 15-30 minutes I had a nurse coming in to adjust me to a different position to make the baby comfortable and calm her down. Tyson was still fast asleep and one nurse jokingly asked if he cared. I assured her he cared, but was still at work at 2am when I went into labor. He’s a finance doctor, always On-Call.

At around 8am the epidural started to wear off and I was feeling the contractions pretty well. This happened with Riis, so I was getting worried about it wearing off completely. The nurse called the anesthesiologist back in and this time it was a girl. She topped me off and the pain went away again. Then, of course, it started to wear off AGAIN! So I started pushing my “extra dose” button every 15 minutes to try to cut the pain. I requested the anesthesiologist come back a couple of times and then at around 9:30am I woke Tyson up to help me through the pain. I updated him on the baby needing to go to the NICU and told him I thought I was close to ready to deliver the baby. The pain was getting really bad and then I suddenly felt like I needed to push the baby out. I called in the nurse, she took a peek, and quickly ran out to get the doctor. Oh no!! I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get an extra epidural dose. I was in so much pain and had no idea what I was about to experience.

When the nurse came back with the doctor they had a huge tray of tools and started running around the room trying to get everything ready. The doctor took a look downtown and said “Oh yup!”. Meaning oh shoot the baby’s head is right there. The nurse ran over to the phone, called NICU, and said “We need you here NOW”.  At this point I’m in insane amounts of pain. The doctor is still trying to get things ready as fast as she can and she tells me to hold my own legs and that I could push if I felt like I needed to do so. What!! Push the baby with no one there to catch her. Tyson was standing to my right holding my hand and I looked at him like he better be ready to catch the baby. So I started pushing to help relieve pain…. haha yeah right, just more pain. The doctor is finally down in position, but was still trying to get her gloves on, I’m still holding my own legs, and she is telling me to push. With Riis I was able to push for a full 10 seconds no problem, but I didn’t feel anything. This time I pushed for maybe two fast seconds and had to stop, because the pain was so bad. I could feel EVERYTHING!! They finally got the stir-ups out and I could barely put my feet in them. Tyson had to help me put my right foot in.  It was like a scene from a movie where the lady is yelling in pain as she gives birth. I kept saying I couldn’t do it. I swore I was never going to have another baby again. I knew I needed to push her out and that there was no way around it, but it felt impossible. Each push only lasted a few seconds and then I had to catch my breath. Tyson was coaching me through each push and I remember listening to his voice and drowning out everything else. Crowning is bad, but like they say the shoulders are the worst. Raegan was delivered in only 5 minutes of pushing, but it felt like a whole lot longer. I never thought I would be happy to birth a 9 pound baby. I was just glad she wasn’t as big as, or bigger than, her sister.

After Raegan was born the doctor quickly cut the cord and passed her off to the Neonatologist who started sucking out her lungs. Tyson went over to see our daughter, while I delivered the placenta and was stitched back together. Speaking of which I had to get a numbing shot before getting stitches, because I could feel it. Mmmhhmmm the epidural was useless and had I seen the anesthesiologist during that moment I probably would have punched her in the face. After Raegan was stable they brought her over to me and I was able to hold her for maybe 2 minutes. During this short time was when we got our picture. Then they took her away to NICU to get her started on antibiotics. I was told that I could go see Raegan in the NICU once the epidural had fully worn off. Good one, cause that bad boy wore off a long time ago. So within 30 minutes of giving birth I was up walking to the NICU by myself. Our sweet baby girl was hooked up to so many wires and was in worse condition than we expected. She was having a hard time breathing on her own and that was just the start of our 9 days in the NICU.


During my stay at the hospital I kept getting fevers during the first 24 hours. They tested my blood and placenta and never found the cause of the infection. I was kept there for the full 48 hours to finish out the antibiotics, which was fine with me because Raegan was still in the NICU.

Our wonderful Aunts, Carley and Taylor, took some newborn pics for us.       

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RIP Vera Wang

For our one-year Anniversary we got back in our wedding get up and did a trash the dress photo shoot.

Deciding whether or not to do this photo shoot was very difficult for me. My inner extremist wanted to do an underwater photo shoot, I even considered buying fire proof pants and catching the tulle on fire, but we kept it safe(ish).

My heart wanted to keep the dress in mint condition, thinking that one day maybe my baby girl would want to try on the dress. My heart lost the battle and we went forward with the plan.

We started off in a lake, where the water was so cold I could barely breathe. Not only was the water cold, but the sand as well. Everyone including the photographer was numb to the bone (like step on a piece of glass and not care, numb). We finished the shoot at a heated pool underwater, which came with it’s own set of struggles.

1,000 yards of tulle underwater feels like you are being engulfed in 1,000 lbs of seaweed. There were times I feared being swallowed up in the dress and not being able to get another breath. Lucky for me I have a husband who does a fantastic job at saving my life. The photos turned out amazing!! Hope you enjoy.


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EIGHT & NINE months

Holy smokes I don’t know how I missed her eight month update. Actually I do, it’s called traveling. The last couple months were full of family, friends, and fun!

76374255-2162-4374-BC63-EFD394C2AABC  1F38C250-43CD-4A51-B684-B89D0BDB975D 4B0AC6B1-852C-4FCF-8A15-7BC976AFF458 18C66FB5-426E-4906-A4C5-C77B4884BA1C D63923FA-727D-4728-9A6C-4AE5547912B6 64A820D9-0DF0-4E06-889C-A898F7C5966A

This next picture breaks my heart, because of the scabs on her sweet face. One Sunday I was on my way to get my temple recommend renewed and I had Riis in the Ergo Baby facing out. I was crossing the street right in front of the temple and tripped on the curb. Not just tripped and caught myself, but tripped and pancaked our sweet baby. For one it’s embarrassing tripping in general, but tripping in New York is like 10 times worse. Why? Because within seconds 20 people swarmed me, picked me up, and bombarded me with questions on how I was doing. After gaining my footing I finally was able to escape the crowd and take Riis out of the carrier. She was screaming crying and blood was coming out of her mouth. Never have I felt like a worse mother than that moment. Tyson left work, came and got us, and saved the day.

652C0998-F3E9-437F-85BF-7434C9ECB0CD 4168C49D-D8CD-4E10-97DC-40AF21DFECE3 7A515187-AA74-4B86-9A54-A031D8B45C43 64E6F87B-B693-4FBD-940B-2C458D5606A1 6EBB011A-1892-4D02-9285-5C235669C4BB D80B43F7-55C7-4AA6-853B-C19F0ED1E00B D3036DCE-DB9C-41DD-BFB9-1311BA273758 87D6C277-1166-4D35-A308-EE8DE011DDF5 6F59123C-B54B-4241-84E3-E39811F553656F6A2C10-AD95-444C-BD61-DF4CED41DCF3 E7B9E36B-E8EC-4A77-8B90-5747875C0F7A 89D90083-F254-4F11-8461-9CF6A61CA26F 034BCCDC-285F-4599-BBA9-1BE9267C794B 2DBA7986-0896-4BD4-AEC6-656407380A22 1C5243AE-86FB-4F78-BA35-98EF9FC35AC2 8573F4C3-3972-46CE-B9DE-D93D2A72267E 081A0F50-849E-49EE-A713-F1AB7F10B029 B6470F16-D15F-4BD3-85BD-2E080F886792 0A2F69A0-3606-47DC-A14E-C064A5B59935 14F5218B-F5B8-4E6F-A583-1D9295585678 869F6EE7-65EC-4527-8410-D6A03399BE07 B6CA0974-96C0-4AC3-96D6-95B62264EE9F 3A95C27E-1666-4A19-AB7B-043EC7526B3E 07135DE0-4B91-460A-8D15-3A258C967C7E 196331AA-FA3D-4140-B077-0D39E8AD405B 91B4648D-5AB1-4968-98DE-9A3811357683 DC450B23-AAEB-4D1A-8D2B-2A0AC5D9C946 3D2E11EF-D0CB-4DCE-9175-53BE7F685DB2 36C7CB3C-3E52-4A2B-AB2C-0B20B562B4B7 C943F0D8-FC54-49CD-9D7C-A8A810B516B0 C8AE96B8-541B-4BFE-B620-8DA8A0C9BC06 D4E351CA-B7FC-48E1-9B90-D75CBADBD60F 4E093A85-3627-4EE4-9D0F-A62FEF4524F4 B641BB3E-F5AB-40F2-BDAA-48A0DCF35245EE302531-FE35-4B78-90C4-D64A5343FB69 7BBA9310-D507-42D0-93A8-5D0B1CF711AE 5D98D74C-8FB4-4078-BCD5-FA09BB847183 EC28B57D-777C-4675-AA6B-B6A89EF6BC88 8157E4EE-795C-4E61-AEFA-715B9D0B6B3A 96CE9A79-3B91-42C7-ABC7-C572D3017552 9CFEB53D-E8B3-429D-AFF1-79A90573A732 C6E646D7-C709-4AAA-9478-DCF725CDC337 DF52A78E-93A1-4B33-822A-1104BDB40E1D C09D37E5-6489-4EEE-B8C8-FADFF2A1ADE4 F24D3BDE-60BD-46A3-8092-63D8B6DDC973 2A9CE1E9-6B81-4594-95C2-D3356FD7FE5A 4E28FF5E-CB45-4A8E-B8D9-67C10BE811FE 488E8CCF-748C-43D5-8739-ACFA3FE406AC 2CEE89CD-DAB5-4FC2-AAFE-B98B8076C4EB 2FE1B577-67A9-4FF0-BA2E-F78A8AC79B3F

Riis still isn’t crawling, but we are practicing every day. Poor thing is just too stubborn, like her parents, for her own good. She has started doing a super dramatic cry and works herself into full blown tears when she doesn’t get what she wants. I am a little worried for her teenage years.

8200CD9C-EA10-4C16-B4E4-DD9A1E124961 FE27C1FE-136B-486D-9CFA-1A42334F8EC9 A10B4B1B-D2BC-41F6-985D-64B85892AB90 F4850C96-D78F-43D3-891F-F69A60EB5E8F D4B1C5B8-162D-47D9-8DF9-EEFA472AA120 78164345-CE14-4E79-8686-22B4BDB8DCC4


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SEVEN months

16544CA7-703B-459C-8CD3-93427371517A B4E0E2FF-07D5-4940-A6F5-6811D9E907A0

Those cute little monthly stickers don’t last very long anymore and her stank face in the next photo is what I get all the time now.

439813E3-435C-466A-ADE2-D068D2D677FE DA0FF364-F34C-47FA-B869-375A29C3584F 237E90B6-4C0E-495D-9DF0-933D10B7224A

Out of all seven months of Riis’ life, this month has flown by the fastest and I’m not sure why. I feel like she has grown a ton this last month. Keeping up with her wardrobe has been quite the task.

IMG_2630 IMG_2632 IMG_2633 IMG_2639IMG_2667 IMG_2669

Riis attended her first baseball game and had her first Disney trip! She ended up sleeping through most of Disneyland, but the magic was still there.

IMG_2675 IMG_1174 IMG_1179 873AE3D3-84BF-41AA-9409-271D92266C4A IMG_2753

Riis is just so sassy and expresses herself in the funniest ways. She tries to hold a straight face and pretend like she is mad at Tyson for teasing her, but she can never win and cracks a smile. She gets SO excited when he is home and when she wakes up, cause she knows he will be there. She always giggles for Tyson way more than she does for me. He can look at her and she will laugh from the anticipation of what’s to come.

IMG_2764 IMG_2766 IMG_2774 IMG_2796

Crawling seems to be just around the corner, but she can’t quite figure out how to get her knees under her. Sometimes I’ll help her get a feel for it, but she is not a fan yet. For now she will be scooting backwards all over the floor.


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SIX months



 Six months!! Aaahhh!!! It’s crazy that our baby girl is already half a year old. She is a Rollie Pollie and rolls all over the floor. She also scoots all over on her belly to get a toy. I have already had to start baby proofing our tiny apartment, because she gets everything within reach and I know crawling is around the corner. Big news!! Her first tooth just started to pop through this last week!


Riis is a super good eater and loves her fruits and veggies. Like all things it doesn’t sit well in her tummy, so we have had to take it a little bit at a time. She has randomly developed a fear of the vacuum. It’s never bothered her before and I do it all the time. Even the small hand vac upsets her. Kids!

We took Riis to the beach for her first time. She enjoyed a solid snooze on her towel, while listening to the waves crash. She also loved the water and it didn’t faze her even though it was the freezing cold Atlantic ocean.

12D4DCF6-E524-448F-973F-326B4C396AE2 B21D07D7-1407-467A-8ED2-D465A7F7A779 8DA1C9C2-1400-4CA3-A2F8-CB923E0DCE83 009FAB3A-7EAA-48B0-A6C3-5943C8EBCC8F CC26E6D3-86D9-42FD-9991-7BDA3C3F3E2E 51F6DA34-67F7-4C99-BE94-584D3BC6C296 6AA74419-C345-4ACA-A8CB-6BE19BD47F70

For the fourth of July I thought it would be funny to get the classic Old Navy shirts and all match. When I got to the store they were all sold out of the men’s, so I got Tyson a women’s. Yup, women’s shirts are made for women and definitely not men. So Riis and mom matched.

6A8FD841-6135-4A9D-B482-0043454FF76B F75D223C-9DCD-48BF-B45D-060CD7042038 IMG_2430

At night she rolls over in her crib and will sleep face down. It freaks me out, so whenever I hear her flip over I have to go check. She also gets stuck in the rungs and it wakes her up. A new problem we have started facing is wetting the bed. Her diapers just can’t handle all the liquid. Maybe a different brand would solve the problem. Any suggestions?? We use Huggies. As of now still no sleep for mommy.

I took Riis swinging at the park for the first time and she loved it! Now we hit up the swings whenever we can.


We had a super fun weekend where we got an extra day with Tyson. Tyson had a work party in the Hamptons, so we took our first road trip with Riis and spent all day Friday there. At the party she got SO much attention and was in heaven. Then we had our rental car for an extra day, so we made a spontaneous trip to PA for some killer cheesesteaks at Genos. Then we went to see the beautiful new Philadelphia LDS temple and ended our day getaway with the Rocky steps at the museum. We learned that Riis loves the car when she is tired and it puts her right to sleep. If she has energy and is ready to go it’s a different story.

 IMG_2535 IMG_2537IMG_2540 IMG_2541IMG_2542

I have decided that going to the park is not only fun for Riis, but me as well. Talk about people watching. New York is prime time for this, but let me tell you the parks are a different ball park. There are mostly nannies with the few of us moms scattered in between. There are nannies who have got it together and you know they know they are awesome and then there are the hot mess nannies yelling out “time out” threats to their child, who in my eyes, really isn’t being that naughty. The mom’s are a whole other story. Let’s just say sometimes we go to the park so I feel better about my mommying skills.

IMG_2561 IMG_2565 IMG_2592 IMG_2593 IMG_2600

Riis’ BF (mom says boy friend, but dad says best friend) is Jax!! These two cuties are perfect little buddies. They get so excited to see each other and I love it!

Happy Half Birthday, baby girl!!


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FIVE months

Toes, toes, and more toes!! We are all about our toes over here.

8AF4E268-E892-4BD2-B255-1963D61BA134 D79CA4A3-0D82-47C2-A21C-F68A11958A17 86F55929-09F3-4A7D-8BCF-6C671912070F

Riis learned to roll from her tummy to her back just a few days after turning 4 months. It totally caught me off guard and I went crazy! Riis was not enthused and looked at me like it was no big deal. Proud parent moment 101. She can now roll to her belly as well. These new milestones are so much fun!


Riis has become interested in everything I eat or drink and tries to grab everything out of my hands. She is also way hard to keep entertained and hates her play mat and bouncy chair now, so we got her a jumper that hangs from the door. She is still a little too small for it, but she likes sitting up like a big kid and watching her dad get ready for work.

We took her to the zoo for the first time and made it half way through before we had a major meltdown. For those of you who have been to the Central Park Zoo (map), you know that’s not very far. But we had a great time and it was a beautiful day.

7D41D782-8995-4E76-B61A-D9418250B482 F2D05A52-51EF-4AD1-9593-5EC7154A6EDE F04BBB4D-7ADA-43CD-80DB-6BBE4143B911 IMG_2302

We celebrated Tyson’s first Father’s Day! I failed in the fun mom/wife department and didn’t make a cool breakfast like all of those awesome women out there. Next year, babe! I promise!

D33D2A01-305F-4C6E-95D7-48EEB08E1E91 4357D7AC-DDE8-4D17-AE60-59CFDB11994C 77437476-5D63-4BC0-B9B0-7BFDA5FB9BE5 IMG_2341

Riis can now sit up in her bumbo and watches me cook dinner. We also tried giving her some carrots for the first time. She basically spit most of it out and made faces of disgust. We’ll try again later.


I am pretty sure she is teething, because she chews on everything and  is a slobbery mess. She thinks it’s hilarious if I say “owie” when she bites my fingers and she has also discovered her feet and tries to chew on those bad boys too.

Riis gives Tyson and I kisses now, or she is just tasting our cheeks, but I think she is giving us some lovin’. She is still as loud as ever and talks a ton when she is a happy camper. When she talks on our walks it makes everyone around us laugh. In the mornings she is normally in bed with us (I know, horrible habit) and she will talk as loud as she can toward Tyson until he wakes up and gives her the attention she wants.


I have decided she is kind of a fighter. She fights me on naps, bedtime, walks, changing her outfit, and the list goes on. I think she just might be a difficult one for us, but I can’t help but love her to pieces. When she is feeling needy and wants to be held she will cry and it sound like she is saying a jumbled sad version of “mom”. It’s like “Mmmmmmaaa maamaam”, I think you get the picture.

Riis loves our elevator and gets excited when we leave to go for a walk and then when we return home. She also secretly loves the doormen even though she is stingy with her smiles. Funny story – Riis didn’t see our doorman one day and he scared the living goodness out of her when he came up behind her. I about peed my pants laughing.


We gave Riis her first hair cut! What 4 month old gets their hair cut!? She had some crazy mullet thing going on and it was driving me crazy. So I snipped it off and straightened out her hair line. Of course she was such a wiggle worm and kept trying to turn around to see what I was doing. It also blows my mind to think she was born with dark black hair. Things have changed so much in just a few months.

26317D43-C9A3-42E7-8CF8-1C0E5BF880AF 1264DE41-683D-415A-B3B7-D4402D0089EA CDB360B4-BF8B-4E5F-A961-16F3E743A788

One question I get asked ALL the time when people look at Riis is if I had heart burn. Yes I sure did! Not sure if it’s directly correlated, but Tums should be thanking me for keeping them in business.


We took Riis to a specialist for her tummy problems and learned that she basically has baby IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or in other words she is still “colic”. Her poor little GI tract is out of sync and so it hurts her tummy. Now we are supposed to give her suppositories to try and teach her muscles to learn to relax and push only when needed.


I had a few mom fails this last month. The first was that she burnt her hand on the toaster. It had cooled down some and didn’t leave a mark, but boy did I feel horrible. I thought I had moved it out of her reach, but she showed me how long her little arms actually are. The second was that she got a little sunburn. Ugh and it like totally shoots up your chances of getting skin cancer if you get a burn as a baby. I’ll take the blame if that’s the case. The last one is pretty horrible. I put Riis on the couch propped up on the Boppy with it wrapped around her for support. I turned around for two seconds to put my shirt on and heard a big thud behind me. My stomach sank and poor little Riis had tumbled off the couch. HUGE mom fail month for me. Lets just say it was a bit of a rough month and I have finally learned my lesson, that Riis is now way mobile all of the sudden and I need to be on my mom A game.


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FOUR months

Our baby girl is growing up way to fast. It seems like yesterday she was that tiny fragile newborn who we were scared to take home. Now she is far from tiny and just keeps getting bigger by the day. She now weighs just under 16 pounds! She is also way off the charts with her height.

53B8F914-CD39-423F-AD79-81F7274BE1F7 B59F5A45-2083-4985-86AE-E7B0F116BA81 9D9C10FB-8D2B-448F-B520-81D774F4281A

This last month was a big one! We took Riis on her first flight to Vegas (see last post) and she was blessed by her father, which was such an amazing experience. She started giggling about once a day a few days before Mother’s Day. Then on Mother’s Day they kicked in full blown. She went swimming in a pool for the first time and loved it. She got sick for the first time, which was so sad. She finally loves bath time and likes to let her hair float around in the water. Speaking of which, the other day during her nighttime bath she decided to pull a Pumba on me and create her own bubbles. Then she continued to stare at me with her straight face as I fought back giggles. Oh man! Luckily there were just bubbles and nothing more. Not quite ready for that kind of fun.


IMG_2152 IMG_2159 B3D2317C-FFD5-4AAA-A93D-CE79DD204841 IMG_2213 IMG_2227 IMG_2230 IMG_2233

At the start of this month Tyson was working insane hours. Oh wait! More like all month, but after not sleeping for over 48 hours (on a weekend) he came home to Riis, who had been crying for a very very long time. He immediately took her from me and went for a walk to try and calm her down and give me a break. I am not sure how I lucked out in the husband department, but Tyson is just an amazing husband and father and I couldn’t be more blessed.


Riis has started teething and is a slobbery mess now. She also shoves everything in her mouth and loves biting Tyson’s fingers. He will probably know when she gets teeth before I do. At night I try to swaddle her, but she thinks she is hilarious and likes to grab her blankie, shove it in her mouth, and giggle before I can even wrap her up.

We got Riis a bumbo thinking she was about ready to practice sitting up on her own, but she mostly just flops to the side unless we prop her up. So we only practice for a couple minutes a day. She is getting very strong during tummy time and I just know she is about to start rolling. When she gets mad though, and can’t do it, she starts to scream/squeal in frustration. It’s actually pretty cute.



Riis is now full of smiles and giggles! She still has some tummy problems we are trying to work out, but colicky baby is a thing of the past!! I thought the colic phase would never end. Riis is so much fun and is always talking. She still has her fits every now and then, but let’s face it she is still a baby.


Riis and I have experienced our first week without dad and are still currently living it. I never thought I would miss that extra 10 min of sleep in the morning while Tyson plays with Riis.  I’ve also been triple locking our door, since we don’t have that manly protection. Just two more days till daddy comes home!!


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First flight

Holy Moly!!

We made it to Vegas and back in one piece AND didn’t get kicked off the plane!! Phew! I had been so excited/fearing this trip for so long. Riis is not the easiest of kids and I could just see this 5 hour flight being a disaster. We started off by buying two huge (25 pair) containers of earplugs for those lucky passengers around us. Tyson was the smarty who thought that one up. I was just going to avoid eye contact with everyone.

Our flight to Vegas was at 8am :/ so we left our place at 5am to allow extra time. We had pre-check so security was a breeze, especially because we had both of us. Riis was pretty good until about 30 min prior to boarding where she started to get fussy. This made both us and everyone around nervous for our flight with Riis. Once we got on the plane she passed out and slept for two whole hours!! Normally she is a terrible napper. Then she woke up and played for about an hour and went back to sleep for the remainder of the flight. When we landed everyone commented on how great of a baby she was. Hah!!! Little do they know how huge of a blessing that was.


Our week in Vegas was loads of fun! Riis was able to meet most of her family and made new friends. She was blessed by Tyson on Mother’s Day, which was such a great day. And you guessed it! She cried during the entire blessing, but that’s okay. She just likes to express herself. Prior to Vegas Riis had only been in her car seat a handful of times, so you can only imagine the struggle that brought. She absolutely hated it. Every car ride consisted of screaming and crying until she fell asleep or until we reached our destination. Luckily the car did help in putting her to sleep if she was tired enough. Riis also got to go swimming for her first time and loved it! We had so much fun seeing family it was very hard to leave.

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Our flight home was much more of a struggle. Riis cried all the way to the airport and then wanted to only be held. We rushed to our gate and got on the plane once we got there. At first we had a neighbor sitting next to us, but the awesome flight attendant made him move to give us extra room. Props to Delta!! Riis fell asleep quickly again and I thought we were off to a good start. This time she only slept about an hour and then we played hot potato with the baby trying to calm her down. Then we started getting major stink eye and eye rolls from our fellow passengers. Riis was only whining and they had no idea what she is capable of. She fell asleep for maybe another hour and then woke up again. Once we got off the plane we had to wait in a 15 min line to get a taxi. Riis really started to freak out and so I took her outside to try and calm her down. She cried so hard that everyone around was staring. A security guard even asked if she could hold Riis for me. I said “no” cause I thought that was weird, but then I realized she was only trying to help. She then let us jump people in line and got us a taxi quicker. After this experience I am not sure if I am ready to fly alone with this kid yet. It was hard with the two of us and I can’t even imagine what it would have been like alone.

IMG_2209 IMG_2211


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THREE months

63CB6CCA-6C78-429B-A55B-CF3B0AED1011Riis is super grabby now and likes to grab ahold of my hair and rip it out. She also busted my favorite necklace 🙁  Mom bun and no jewelry until this phase passes… hopefully. I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

Our doorman loves Riis and always tries to get her to smile. He lately has been touching the top of her head(hair) and asking if she stuck her finger in a socket, because her hair sticks straight up. I think her hair is so much fun, I just can’t get myself to put product in it yet. We get comments everywhere we go and I have found my biggest pet peeve is when strangers touch the stroller to look at Riis. Whoa!!! Momma bear mode kicks in fast. A lady walked past us and said “Awe baby” and reached to pat her back when I was holding her. I immediately blocked her from touching Riis. Not okay in my book!


Our first time to the Statue of Liberty was a blast!! Nothing screams fun like a Riis tantrum. I might start carrying her birth certificate around so people don’t think we kidnapped her.


We got Riis a new bouncy chair, because she loves it when we hold her and bounce her. Sometimes it’s the only thing that will calm her down. Does she love it like we hoped? Like all things it depends on her mood. The first day we got it she loved it and played for 45 minutes! Miracle in our house. She has learned that when she kicks her feet it bounces and the toys move. Sometimes she starts kicking so hard I worry she will bruise her feet. Her favorite toy is her blue octopus. We don’t leave the house without it, because he always saves the day.


Riis is growing like a weed and we have recently had to switch out all of her clothes. She wiggles and kicks all day and night. In the mornings she is in a completely different spot than where I put her down. She also rolls to her side at night. I think we are getting close to rolling over. Her pout is still on point and she can turn it on or off on demand to get what she wants.

On the subway everyone tries to get her attention and make her smile, but she always just stares at them stone faced. Not sure why she doesn’t like to throw out smiles, but she likes to save them for mom and dad.


Riis giggled twice for the first time when we were giving her a bath! Tyson and I were shocked, cause baths are normally torture for everyone. We haven’t heard one since then, but those little giggles made my whole day and I can’t wait for more.


I can’t get over her hair in this picture!! ^^


The grocery ladies love us and they all recognize us now. Not sure if that is a good thing. Once Riis starts squeaking they all look over and try to cheer her up. We have met a cute old lady at the grocery store a couple times, but I don’t think she remembers. Every time she sees Riis she tells me I have won the lottery. She is super fun to talk to though. Maybe one day she will remember.


We have started Skyping Tyson when he gets a couple minutes at work. Riis gets so excited when his face appears on the screen and her whole face lights up. She throws her arms to her side and does her little happy wiggle.


Riis LOVES reading books! We read at least 12 a day. She likes to talk and read along with me. Her favorite book right now is Good Morning, Good Night. Every time I get the book out she starts squealing with excitement.

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I hear 3 months is the lucky number for colicky babies. Fingers crossed!! I find myself wishing, at least once a day, she was a bit older in hopes that she is not colicky anymore. Then I have to take a step back and take in every second. One day I will miss all of these, needy, snuggles. We are so in love with our little girl and she brings so much joy to our lives! Caos sometimes, but that’s what makes life fun.


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Sleep training

At our two month check up Riis screamed through the entire appointment. I mean beet red face and barely breathing she was crying so hard. Some days I am surprised she still has a voice. The doctor asked if there was anything I wanted to go over with him and sure enough her excessive crying was it. The doctor went through a list of things to try to help Riis’ tummy. My diet, different formula (cause we are supplementing), gripe water, gas drops, probiotics, the list goes on. I had already tried everything he suggested and he concluded that she needed more sleep. Apparently babies are NOT supposed to go to bed at 10:30-11pm 🙂 He looked at me like I was joking. Nope! I learn something new every day. Riis was already sleeping about 9 hours straight at night, so I was pretty proud of that. Her pediatrician said we needed to sleep train her, using the cry it out technique, to go to bed on her own at no later than 8pm. SO I made little care packages for our neighbors that included treats & ear plugs and we started our three days of sleep training.


Our routine is supposed to start at 7:30pm where she is offered a bottle. Then she is given gas drops and burped. Then we change her diaper if needed, change into jammies, put lavender on the bottom of her feet, and then swaddle her. After she is nice and cozy we read a book, sing a song, and say family prayers. Then it’s off to bed and we turn on her shusher.

The doctor warned us that she could cry anywhere from half an hour to an hour, but we were supposed to leave her until 6am. I am not one to just let my baby cry, so this was really hard for me. We also live in a 450 sq ft studio apartment, so there really isn’t anywhere to go except the bathroom.

On day one I jumbled up the routine a bit. She was falling asleep in my arms at 6pm so I let her take a cat nap and woke her back up. She cried the saddest little cry while I changed her diaper and put her in her jammies. Then I warmed a bottle and while feeding it to her I read the book, Guess How Much I Love You. Then she decided to poop, so I changed her diaper again, gave her gas drops, and then burped her while I sang a hymn. I almost forgot to say prayers, but remembered last minute. Last I swaddled her, put lavender on, and put her down with her shusher on. She cried on and off for about 15 minutes and that was it!! I was shocked out of my mind. At 7:30 a neighbor knocked on the door and I didn’t answer. Um… did they not read the cute little note I left them with their treats!? Sleep training!


At 10:30pm she woke up and started crying. She cried for an entire hour and her poor voice was hoarse. My heart was going to explode I felt so terrible. She whimpered for 15 minutes and then started crying again so I went and picked her up. She immediately started giving me the biggest smiles and it broke my heart. I felt horrible for letting her cry like that. She didn’t sleep well the rest of the night. Night #1 was a bust.

Night #2 she went to bed fine at 7:30pm and whined for about 5 minutes. Then she woke up less than an hour later and started crying, but not as hard as the night before. We let her cry for 30 minutes and then I went and got her. She was so rattled she wouldn’t go back to sleep and I was up with her for the next few hours, struggling to get her back down. Then she was up again at 4am and woke up in tears. Normally when she wakes up she will talk loudly until we finally get her. Instead of letting her cry and soothe herself back to sleep I went and got her. Night #2 a bust!


We decided that the cry it out technique is not for us. Before we started this whole training gig Riis was sleeping 9 hours straight and could soothe herself back to sleep. Now she is back to waking up multiple times during the night and we are all sleep deprived, AGAIN! We failed at sleep training and now have to somehow get back to what we had. We should have gradually started making changes instead of throwing her into it. Oh well! Maybe when we are desperate we will try again, but until then we are sticking to the Ty and Ky way. Or in other words the Riis way, cause this baby gets what baby wants! Fingers crossed she grows out of this colicky stage soon, so we can get our heads back on straight.

On the plus side we made friends with our neighbors, sort of. The cute family next to us came over to say Thank You and the couple on the other side wrote us a Thank You note. Glad we aren’t frenemies after that fun weekend.


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