Temple Square to Time Square

Moving to New York has been the craziest and most exciting move. We have been prepping, planning, and packing for what seems like months. We also sold EVERYTHING!! We sold my car, Tyson’s truck, our dressers, and everything that is too big for only one person to carry. Tyson’s Motorcycle, or as I like to call it his other love, is safe and sound in Vegas. We shipped the rest of our belongings to New York in a 7X7  POD and left Salt Lake with 5 suit cases. IMG_0662 Today we walked 6.5 miles (according to the Fitbit) and looked at 5 apartments. The air is very humid compared to Salt Lake and my hair has been struggling. It takes twice as long to dry now, bumskies! There is lots to learn and so much to take in. Even the huge piles of trash on the side of the street at night fascinates me. BUT I am proud to say we are using Google maps less and I had a “tourist” walk around Tyson and our Broker, right up to me to ask for directions. Did I know where she should go? Nope. Maybe next time. IMG_0668 IMG_0672

 Of course we had to get pizza not only our first day, but our second as well. We found an awesome pizza joint that is close, fast, and delicious.


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