FiDi (Financial District)

We are officially residents of the Financial District, a few blocks from Wall Street. Tyson and I were able to be tourists last week and explore the island. I used to think taxis were invincible. Turns out taxis crash too. We got into a small fender bender on our way to sign for our apartment, but nothing stops a New Yorker. The taxi driver checked it out, decided it wasn’t a big deal, and we continued to our destination. TyTy, we’re not in Utah anymore.

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IMG_0745  IMG_0752IMG_0750IMG_0753  IMG_0754

On our last night to celebrate before Tyson started work we went to 10Below and got the coolest ice cream. The line was about an hour long, but totally worth the wait, because you get dessert and a show. The process of making it is almost as fun as the end product. Let’s just say it’s my new favorite ice cream place and everyone who visits us will definitely be trying it out.


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