Birthday Bliss

This weekend was perfect in every way!! I had Tyson to myself ALL weekend, which is a rare occurrence. First he took me shopping. We went to, what seems like, every store in SOHO (Tyson is actually super fun to shop with). Then we got my favorite snack, popcorn, from the Brooklyn Popcorn truck. Jalapeno was our flavor of choice and it was de-lish! Our popcorn held us over as we took a walk across the Brooklyn bridge and got the most amazing pizza at Ignazio’s Pizza for a late lunch.

IMG_0848IMG_0830IMG_0813 IMG_0814 IMG_0816IMG_0827IMG_0833 IMG_0834IMG_0845 IMG_0846 For dinner Tyson took me to Black Tap. We waited in line for two whole hours for this amazing milkshake. This one is the cotton candy milkshake, which is a strawberry shake topped with cotton candy, sixlets, and suckers. $15 bucks for this bad boy, but worth every penny. The hamburgers were just as great, but that could have been because we were starving.

Tips for going to the Black Tap:

  • It is a small bar that only holds 14 people, so go with a party of two if possible.
  • If you are going just for their famous shakes, try and get in the standing room.
  • You will also get in quicker if it is just for a shake, no meal.
  • Tyson say’s “Go eary!!”, we learned our lesson.


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