It’s a GIRL!

Tyson and I both thought for sure we were having a boy. We even made the doctor double check the gender on Friday at our 20 week appointment. Yup, she is definitely a girl and we now have pictures of her goodies with “Girl Parts” typed across it and an arrow directing us where to look.

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Throughout this pregnancy I have come across MANY people who felt the need to tell me the gender of our baby. Or what they thought the gender of our baby would be. When this happened I always asked them why they thought it would be that particular gender. My favorite answer was from a girl I worked with. She is from Turkey, grew up in New Jersey, and is the only person who told me I was having a girl. When I asked her why she thought it was a girl she said “In my culture we believe that when you are having a girl she takes away the mother’s beauty during pregnancy.” Uummm what?? As my jaw dropped the situation just continued to get more awkward as she tried to dig herself out of the hole she blew out from under her. Let’s just say that after this experience I tried a little harder on getting myself put together. But when you combine heat, humidity, and pregnancy it tends to be scary at times, even if you put the effort in.


Tyson’s heart is already being taken over by our baby girl. She is definitely a daddy’s girl and starts moving all over when he gets home from work at night. Attention seeker… just like her dad.


Photos taken by: Brooke Morrill

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