I normally am not a big fan of donuts, but after craving them for a whole week I finally gave in and made my way to Dunkin’ Donuts. The cashier gave me a smirky smile and asked how far along I was followed by a million other questions about my pregnancy. After answering all of them she winked and gave me two free donuts!! Did I eat them? No. But that lady sure knows how to make a pregnant woman feel special. Especially because nothing in New York is free.

My favorite parts of being pregnant so far are: subway seats, free food, our awesome doorman, George, who calls me “Tiny” just to make me feel better about my ever enlarging figure, and of course the end result of having a sweet baby girl. Other than that let’s be real, being pregnant is a pain in the butt.img_1448

Our 4-pound princess is growing so fast that I am sometimes afraid she is going to break me. Her kicks and punches are stronger than ever and are never ending. At least once a day she stretches out and you can see a foot bulging out of my stomach. I have to gently push her back in, because it freaks me out. Sometimes I am tempted to try taking a tiny bit of NyQuil just to get a little bit of relief from her movement.


The only thing Riis loves more than food is her Daddy. She shoves her whole body as close as she can to him, depending on which side of me he is on. Making my stomach look morphed and lopsided. She likes to listen when he talks to her and then go into full karate mode when he stops. I just know I am going to have my hands full with this Daddy Daughter duo.


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