ONE month

This first month has flown by. It has been full of snuggles, kisses, dirty diapers, feedings, tears, sleep deprivation, lots of prayers, and full of love.

IMG_1726IMG_1719Loved this sneezing pic way too much to leave it out.

The Friday following Riis’ birth we took her to the pediatrician to get her bilirubin levels checked again. That night we were informed her level had gone up and we needed to take her to the emergency room, not what brand new parents want to hear. So Friday night we went to the emergency room and were admitted to New York Presbyterian to get Riis started on phototherapy. Nothing breaks your heart more than watching your daughter get her heels pricked, multiple times over several days, to get blood drawn. We expected to only be at the hospital for one night, but ended up being there for a couple. Tyson and I were exhausted and could not get any sleep, because about every two hours we had a nurse or doctor coming in to check on Riis and her progress. We also had to share a tiny couch to sleep on. Sunday we were finally released from the hospital and able to go home. IMG_1583IMG_1584

Riis is a long lean lady and is off the charts for her height. At first she struggled with putting on weight, but now we are on the road to success. Chunky baby rolls here we come! She loves snuggles and gets upset when we put her to sleep in her bed. She also hates to be swaddled and needs her arms to be free. Riis is a sleep squeaker (talker) and giggler. At first I would jump to her side with every squeak she made, but now my mom mode has relaxed some.


We took her on the subway to get lunch when she was 3 weeks old. I about had a heart attack. I was paranoid about all the germs and freaked out if someone got too close to her. New Yorkers are super nice and move out of the way when you are pregnant, but once you have the baby they don’t care. I once saw a man cuss out a lady, because her stroller took up too much space on the subway. Not okay! So I just throw on my RBF and make my way through the city.


Riis HATES tooting and pooping. We suffer through hours of nonstop crying before we get a bowel movement. She has maybe one a day if we are lucky, but that means we get huge blowouts. Showers with daddy are the quickest way to clean up that action. Sometimes she likes to poop, pee, and barf on you while changing her diaper. She likes to keep us on our toes.



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