Sleep training

At our two month check up Riis screamed through the entire appointment. I mean beet red face and barely breathing she was crying so hard. Some days I am surprised she still has a voice. The doctor asked if there was anything I wanted to go over with him and sure enough her excessive crying was it. The doctor went through a list of things to try to help Riis’ tummy. My diet, different formula (cause we are supplementing), gripe water, gas drops, probiotics, the list goes on. I had already tried everything he suggested and he concluded that she needed more sleep. Apparently babies are NOT supposed to go to bed at 10:30-11pm 🙂 He looked at me like I was joking. Nope! I learn something new every day. Riis was already sleeping about 9 hours straight at night, so I was pretty proud of that. Her pediatrician said we needed to sleep train her, using the cry it out technique, to go to bed on her own at no later than 8pm. SO I made little care packages for our neighbors that included treats & ear plugs and we started our three days of sleep training.


Our routine is supposed to start at 7:30pm where she is offered a bottle. Then she is given gas drops and burped. Then we change her diaper if needed, change into jammies, put lavender on the bottom of her feet, and then swaddle her. After she is nice and cozy we read a book, sing a song, and say family prayers. Then it’s off to bed and we turn on her shusher.

The doctor warned us that she could cry anywhere from half an hour to an hour, but we were supposed to leave her until 6am. I am not one to just let my baby cry, so this was really hard for me. We also live in a 450 sq ft studio apartment, so there really isn’t anywhere to go except the bathroom.

On day one I jumbled up the routine a bit. She was falling asleep in my arms at 6pm so I let her take a cat nap and woke her back up. She cried the saddest little cry while I changed her diaper and put her in her jammies. Then I warmed a bottle and while feeding it to her I read the book, Guess How Much I Love You. Then she decided to poop, so I changed her diaper again, gave her gas drops, and then burped her while I sang a hymn. I almost forgot to say prayers, but remembered last minute. Last I swaddled her, put lavender on, and put her down with her shusher on. She cried on and off for about 15 minutes and that was it!! I was shocked out of my mind. At 7:30 a neighbor knocked on the door and I didn’t answer. Um… did they not read the cute little note I left them with their treats!? Sleep training!


At 10:30pm she woke up and started crying. She cried for an entire hour and her poor voice was hoarse. My heart was going to explode I felt so terrible. She whimpered for 15 minutes and then started crying again so I went and picked her up. She immediately started giving me the biggest smiles and it broke my heart. I felt horrible for letting her cry like that. She didn’t sleep well the rest of the night. Night #1 was a bust.

Night #2 she went to bed fine at 7:30pm and whined for about 5 minutes. Then she woke up less than an hour later and started crying, but not as hard as the night before. We let her cry for 30 minutes and then I went and got her. She was so rattled she wouldn’t go back to sleep and I was up with her for the next few hours, struggling to get her back down. Then she was up again at 4am and woke up in tears. Normally when she wakes up she will talk loudly until we finally get her. Instead of letting her cry and soothe herself back to sleep I went and got her. Night #2 a bust!


We decided that the cry it out technique is not for us. Before we started this whole training gig Riis was sleeping 9 hours straight and could soothe herself back to sleep. Now she is back to waking up multiple times during the night and we are all sleep deprived, AGAIN! We failed at sleep training and now have to somehow get back to what we had. We should have gradually started making changes instead of throwing her into it. Oh well! Maybe when we are desperate we will try again, but until then we are sticking to the Ty and Ky way. Or in other words the Riis way, cause this baby gets what baby wants! Fingers crossed she grows out of this colicky stage soon, so we can get our heads back on straight.

On the plus side we made friends with our neighbors, sort of. The cute family next to us came over to say Thank You and the couple on the other side wrote us a Thank You note. Glad we aren’t frenemies after that fun weekend.


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TWO months

IMG_1919Riis has a very loud personality. She likes to cry as loud as she can, talk, eat loudly, grunts when we give her kisses, scream sneeze (I laugh every time), giggles and whines in her sleep, and when she wakes up she stretches and grunts until she is satisfied. This little girl is full of many sounds. Riis loves to go on walks, but when she is over it she likes to scream until we get home, nothing calms this sweet girl down. I get lots of looks from people. She is starting to copy our facial expression and will stick her tongue out back at us. She can flop to her side, but not roll over completely. When she has a burp while she is eating she throws some punches our way. She extends her arm far back and then hits us as hard as she can. Then when we burp her, if she is angry, she lifts her head, looks us straight in the eyes, and cries right in our face. She likes to get her point across.IMG_1922 IMG_1924 IMG_1931

We have two spots in our apartment that Riis will look at and always smile. One is up high by our fire alarm and the other is right above my head when I sit on the couch. It kind of freaks me out and I always have to look. I just tell myself she is smiling at angels.

IMG_1869 IMG_1871 IMG_1875

Riis has an amazing pouty lip. She knows that if she throws it out I will respond immediately. This is a pic of her trying to work her daddy.


Our doctor warned us that weeks 4-6 are always hard weeks with newborns. Sure enough they were pretty difficult. Once we hit about 7 weeks Riis turned into an angel. She still has her random colicky fits every once in a while where she cries for hours straight, but other than that she is a ton of fun and full of smiles! I ran into our neighbor in the hall and she gave me a, poor you, face. I wasn’t sure whether I should apologize for the noise or just smile. I chose to just smile 🙂 lucky for us Riis is an awesome sleeper at night now. She sleeps between 5-8 hours straight!! Thank you sleep training. Riis likes to look around the room and is getting very good at holding her head up. She likes to snuggle with us in the mornings and then watch daddy get ready for work. She hates baths and I am not sure how to make that a fun/positive thing. If anyone has suggestions please send them my way.


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