TWO months

IMG_1919Riis has a very loud personality. She likes to cry as loud as she can, talk, eat loudly, grunts when we give her kisses, scream sneeze (I laugh every time), giggles and whines in her sleep, and when she wakes up she stretches and grunts until she is satisfied. This little girl is full of many sounds. Riis loves to go on walks, but when she is over it she likes to scream until we get home, nothing calms this sweet girl down. I get lots of looks from people. She is starting to copy our facial expression and will stick her tongue out back at us. She can flop to her side, but not roll over completely. When she has a burp while she is eating she throws some punches our way. She extends her arm far back and then hits us as hard as she can. Then when we burp her, if she is angry, she lifts her head, looks us straight in the eyes, and cries right in our face. She likes to get her point across.IMG_1922 IMG_1924 IMG_1931

We have two spots in our apartment that Riis will look at and always smile. One is up high by our fire alarm and the other is right above my head when I sit on the couch. It kind of freaks me out and I always have to look. I just tell myself she is smiling at angels.

IMG_1869 IMG_1871 IMG_1875

Riis has an amazing pouty lip. She knows that if she throws it out I will respond immediately. This is a pic of her trying to work her daddy.


Our doctor warned us that weeks 4-6 are always hard weeks with newborns. Sure enough they were pretty difficult. Once we hit about 7 weeks Riis turned into an angel. She still has her random colicky fits every once in a while where she cries for hours straight, but other than that she is a ton of fun and full of smiles! I ran into our neighbor in the hall and she gave me a, poor you, face. I wasn’t sure whether I should apologize for the noise or just smile. I chose to just smile 🙂 lucky for us Riis is an awesome sleeper at night now. She sleeps between 5-8 hours straight!! Thank you sleep training. Riis likes to look around the room and is getting very good at holding her head up. She likes to snuggle with us in the mornings and then watch daddy get ready for work. She hates baths and I am not sure how to make that a fun/positive thing. If anyone has suggestions please send them my way.


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