FOUR months

Our baby girl is growing up way to fast. It seems like yesterday she was that tiny fragile newborn who we were scared to take home. Now she is far from tiny and just keeps getting bigger by the day. She now weighs just under 16 pounds! She is also way off the charts with her height.

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This last month was a big one! We took Riis on her first flight to Vegas (see last post) and she was blessed by her father, which was such an amazing experience. She started giggling about once a day a few days before Mother’s Day. Then on Mother’s Day they kicked in full blown. She went swimming in a pool for the first time and loved it. She got sick for the first time, which was so sad. She finally loves bath time and likes to let her hair float around in the water. Speaking of which, the other day during her nighttime bath she decided to pull a Pumba on me and create her own bubbles. Then she continued to stare at me with her straight face as I fought back giggles. Oh man! Luckily there were just bubbles and nothing more. Not quite ready for that kind of fun.


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At the start of this month Tyson was working insane hours. Oh wait! More like all month, but after not sleeping for over 48 hours (on a weekend) he came home to Riis, who had been crying for a very very long time. He immediately took her from me and went for a walk to try and calm her down and give me a break. I am not sure how I lucked out in the husband department, but Tyson is just an amazing husband and father and I couldn’t be more blessed.


Riis has started teething and is a slobbery mess now. She also shoves everything in her mouth and loves biting Tyson’s fingers. He will probably know when she gets teeth before I do. At night I try to swaddle her, but she thinks she is hilarious and likes to grab her blankie, shove it in her mouth, and giggle before I can even wrap her up.

We got Riis a bumbo thinking she was about ready to practice sitting up on her own, but she mostly just flops to the side unless we prop her up. So we only practice for a couple minutes a day. She is getting very strong during tummy time and I just know she is about to start rolling. When she gets mad though, and can’t do it, she starts to scream/squeal in frustration. It’s actually pretty cute.



Riis is now full of smiles and giggles! She still has some tummy problems we are trying to work out, but colicky baby is a thing of the past!! I thought the colic phase would never end. Riis is so much fun and is always talking. She still has her fits every now and then, but let’s face it she is still a baby.


Riis and I have experienced our first week without dad and are still currently living it. I never thought I would miss that extra 10 min of sleep in the morning while Tyson plays with Riis.  I’ve also been triple locking our door, since we don’t have that manly protection. Just two more days till daddy comes home!!


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