FIVE months

Toes, toes, and more toes!! We are all about our toes over here.

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Riis learned to roll from her tummy to her back just a few days after turning 4 months. It totally caught me off guard and I went crazy! Riis was not enthused and looked at me like it was no big deal. Proud parent moment 101. She can now roll to her belly as well. These new milestones are so much fun!


Riis has become interested in everything I eat or drink and tries to grab everything out of my hands. She is also way hard to keep entertained and hates her play mat and bouncy chair now, so we got her a jumper that hangs from the door. She is still a little too small for it, but she likes sitting up like a big kid and watching her dad get ready for work.

We took her to the zoo for the first time and made it half way through before we had a major meltdown. For those of you who have been to the Central Park Zoo (map), you know that’s not very far. But we had a great time and it was a beautiful day.

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We celebrated Tyson’s first Father’s Day! I failed in the fun mom/wife department and didn’t make a cool breakfast like all of those awesome women out there. Next year, babe! I promise!

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Riis can now sit up in her bumbo and watches me cook dinner. We also tried giving her some carrots for the first time. She basically spit most of it out and made faces of disgust. We’ll try again later.


I am pretty sure she is teething, because she chews on everything and  is a slobbery mess. She thinks it’s hilarious if I say “owie” when she bites my fingers and she has also discovered her feet and tries to chew on those bad boys too.

Riis gives Tyson and I kisses now, or she is just tasting our cheeks, but I think she is giving us some lovin’. She is still as loud as ever and talks a ton when she is a happy camper. When she talks on our walks it makes everyone around us laugh. In the mornings she is normally in bed with us (I know, horrible habit) and she will talk as loud as she can toward Tyson until he wakes up and gives her the attention she wants.


I have decided she is kind of a fighter. She fights me on naps, bedtime, walks, changing her outfit, and the list goes on. I think she just might be a difficult one for us, but I can’t help but love her to pieces. When she is feeling needy and wants to be held she will cry and it sound like she is saying a jumbled sad version of “mom”. It’s like “Mmmmmmaaa maamaam”, I think you get the picture.

Riis loves our elevator and gets excited when we leave to go for a walk and then when we return home. She also secretly loves the doormen even though she is stingy with her smiles. Funny story – Riis didn’t see our doorman one day and he scared the living goodness out of her when he came up behind her. I about peed my pants laughing.


We gave Riis her first hair cut! What 4 month old gets their hair cut!? She had some crazy mullet thing going on and it was driving me crazy. So I snipped it off and straightened out her hair line. Of course she was such a wiggle worm and kept trying to turn around to see what I was doing. It also blows my mind to think she was born with dark black hair. Things have changed so much in just a few months.

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One question I get asked ALL the time when people look at Riis is if I had heart burn. Yes I sure did! Not sure if it’s directly correlated, but Tums should be thanking me for keeping them in business.


We took Riis to a specialist for her tummy problems and learned that she basically has baby IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or in other words she is still “colic”. Her poor little GI tract is out of sync and so it hurts her tummy. Now we are supposed to give her suppositories to try and teach her muscles to learn to relax and push only when needed.


I had a few mom fails this last month. The first was that she burnt her hand on the toaster. It had cooled down some and didn’t leave a mark, but boy did I feel horrible. I thought I had moved it out of her reach, but she showed me how long her little arms actually are. The second was that she got a little sunburn. Ugh and it like totally shoots up your chances of getting skin cancer if you get a burn as a baby. I’ll take the blame if that’s the case. The last one is pretty horrible. I put Riis on the couch propped up on the Boppy with it wrapped around her for support. I turned around for two seconds to put my shirt on and heard a big thud behind me. My stomach sank and poor little Riis had tumbled off the couch. HUGE mom fail month for me. Lets just say it was a bit of a rough month and I have finally learned my lesson, that Riis is now way mobile all of the sudden and I need to be on my mom A game.


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