EIGHT & NINE months

Holy smokes I don’t know how I missed her eight month update. Actually I do, it’s called traveling. The last couple months were full of family, friends, and fun!

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This next picture breaks my heart, because of the scabs on her sweet face. One Sunday I was on my way to get my temple recommend renewed and I had Riis in the Ergo Baby facing out. I was crossing the street right in front of the temple and tripped on the curb. Not just tripped and caught myself, but tripped and pancaked our sweet baby. For one it’s embarrassing tripping in general, but tripping in New York is like 10 times worse. Why? Because within seconds 20 people swarmed me, picked me up, and bombarded me with questions on how I was doing. After gaining my footing I finally was able to escape the crowd and take Riis out of the carrier. She was screaming crying and blood was coming out of her mouth. Never have I felt like a worse mother than that moment. Tyson left work, came and got us, and saved the day.

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Riis still isn’t crawling, but we are practicing every day. Poor thing is just too stubborn, like her parents, for her own good. She has started doing a super dramatic cry and works herself into full blown tears when she doesn’t get what she wants. I am a little worried for her teenage years.

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  1. Riis is an absolutely darling cutie. We love her expressions and yes I have to agree it seems like she is looking into your soul.
    Love ya, G & G

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