RIP Vera Wang

For our one-year Anniversary we got back in our wedding get up and did a trash the dress photo shoot.

Deciding whether or not to do this photo shoot was very difficult for me. My inner extremist wanted to do an underwater photo shoot, I even considered buying fire proof pants and catching the tulle on fire, but we kept it safe(ish).

My heart wanted to keep the dress in mint condition, thinking that one day maybe my baby girl would want to try on the dress. My heart lost the battle and we went forward with the plan.

We started off in a lake, where the water was so cold I could barely breathe. Not only was the water cold, but the sand as well. Everyone including the photographer was numb to the bone (like step on a piece of glass and not care, numb). We finished the shoot at a heated pool underwater, which came with it’s own set of struggles.

1,000 yards of tulle underwater feels like you are being engulfed in 1,000 lbs of seaweed. There were times I feared being swallowed up in the dress and not being able to get another breath. Lucky for me I have a husband who does a fantastic job at saving my life. The photos turned out amazing!! Hope you enjoy.


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