Raegan Shay


This is Raegan’s birth story. If your not into reading about birth stories then jump ship now or to the end for some cute pictures.

Friday night I went to bed feeling completely fine. I was having small contractions that were inconsistent and I didn’t think anything of it. Tyson was still at work when I went to bed around midnight as well as two hours later when I woke up at 2am shaking in pain. I had a feeling this might be the case with this kid, cause he had been working 100+ hour weeks. I texted Tyson telling him he needed to come home and his response? “I need 30 minutes”. Haha ummm yeah that wasn’t going to work for this prego mama, so my response was to get home ASAP. I ended up waking up my mom to get support in working through the pain while I waited for Mr. Wallstreet to get home. Tyson said he had caught a cab 5 minutes later and I started to make my way down to our lobby where I gave our poor little doorman a heart attack. First he asked if I was okay… No kiddo! I’m about to birth a child on your lobby floor. Didn’t say this, but definitely thought this was going to be the case. Then he quickly followed up with asking where Tyson was. I was wondering the same thing. Luckily Tyson pulled up in the taxi two minutes later and told me to get in. You should have seen the taxi driver’s face. It was a mix of “Oh crap, this lady is in labor.” and “Please don’t get in my cab.”. Our hospital is literally two blocks away and I knew taking a taxi would take longer than walking it. I also knew I wasn’t feeling so well and that it could potentially lead to a messy outcome. Let’s just say that taxi driver was grateful I denied the ride, because 10 steps into my walk I was barfing up everything I had eaten the night before up. Tyson quickly stepped back out of the splash zone and let me finish my business. When you are prego and sneeze sometimes you pee, so when you are prego and vomit there is even less control. In my case I was wearing a dress, so said liquid was pouring down my legs. Did I turn back to get fresh clothes?? Nope! Off to the races we went. It felt like we were never going to get there, because I could only get myself to walk 1/10 of regular New Yorker speed and had to stop a few times to barf.

When we finally got to the hospital there was a paramedic outside. He literally laughed at me and said “This isn’t your first kid is it?”. Then he escorted us inside and got me a wheel chair. The first question they ask, of course, is how far apart your contractions are. In my case I wasn’t able to count them, because the pain was never ending and I couldn’t get my body to stop shaking.

The pain was so bad I thought I may had been in transitional labor. Was that the case? Sadly no, I was still only dilated to a 2-3. The same number I had been less than 24 hours earlier. They hooked me up to a belly monitor for the baby’s heart rate and found it to be in the low 200’s, which is no bueno. The doctor came in and told me that I was most likely going to need an emergency C-section. I immediately broke down into tears, because a C-section was the last thing I wanted, but of course I would do anything to ensure our baby was safe and healthy. The pain was still excruciating and I still was not able to distinguish each contraction, even though the monitor was tracking them at every 3 minutes. I felt off, but thought that maybe it was just part of being in labor. The doctor said she thought it was because I was dehydrated and said I would feel better after receiving an IV. After the doctor left a nurse attempted and failed with placing the IV in. She went and got back up who too could not place the IV. It took 4 nurses to get an IV in me, because I was so dehydrated. Meanwhile I was still puking my guts up, making the situation worse. Once it was finally in we were moved to our delivery room to be monitored until the doctor made the decision whether or not we were going to move forward with the C-section.

Once in our room, and settled, I requested a priesthood blessing from Tyson for our baby. After the blessing her heart rate dropped into the low 190’s (Church is true!!) and when the doctor came in she decided to hold off on the C-section until 6am, because the baby was showing improvement and I was dilating on my own. The pain and shaking had not lessoned any and I quickly requested an epidural. After the anesthesiologist placed the epidural in my back he told the nurses to check my temperature, because my whole body felt hot. To their surprise I had a fever of 104. This explained why the baby’s heart rate was so high. I had an inter-uterine infection that gave me a fever, was stressing the baby out, and causing the continuous pain. They put me on antibiotics and oxygen, then continued to monitor me. I told Tyson to get some sleep while he could until it was time to have the baby.

6am rolled around and the doctor said she wanted to wait another 30 minutes before moving forward with the C-section. They also informed me that the baby would need to go straight to the NICU right after she was born. In the NICU she would be started on the same antibiotics I was on to fight the infection for 48hrs. From that point on for the next 4 hours the baby’s heart rate had dropped just enough when they came in to check on me. Every 15-30 minutes I had a nurse coming in to adjust me to a different position to make the baby comfortable and calm her down. Tyson was still fast asleep and one nurse jokingly asked if he cared. I assured her he cared, but was still at work at 2am when I went into labor. He’s a finance doctor, always On-Call.

At around 8am the epidural started to wear off and I was feeling the contractions pretty well. This happened with Riis, so I was getting worried about it wearing off completely. The nurse called the anesthesiologist back in and this time it was a girl. She topped me off and the pain went away again. Then, of course, it started to wear off AGAIN! So I started pushing my “extra dose” button every 15 minutes to try to cut the pain. I requested the anesthesiologist come back a couple of times and then at around 9:30am I woke Tyson up to help me through the pain. I updated him on the baby needing to go to the NICU and told him I thought I was close to ready to deliver the baby. The pain was getting really bad and then I suddenly felt like I needed to push the baby out. I called in the nurse, she took a peek, and quickly ran out to get the doctor. Oh no!! I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get an extra epidural dose. I was in so much pain and had no idea what I was about to experience.

When the nurse came back with the doctor they had a huge tray of tools and started running around the room trying to get everything ready. The doctor took a look downtown and said “Oh yup!”. Meaning oh shoot the baby’s head is right there. The nurse ran over to the phone, called NICU, and said “We need you here NOW”.  At this point I’m in insane amounts of pain. The doctor is still trying to get things ready as fast as she can and she tells me to hold my own legs and that I could push if I felt like I needed to do so. What!! Push the baby with no one there to catch her. Tyson was standing to my right holding my hand and I looked at him like he better be ready to catch the baby. So I started pushing to help relieve pain…. haha yeah right, just more pain. The doctor is finally down in position, but was still trying to get her gloves on, I’m still holding my own legs, and she is telling me to push. With Riis I was able to push for a full 10 seconds no problem, but I didn’t feel anything. This time I pushed for maybe two fast seconds and had to stop, because the pain was so bad. I could feel EVERYTHING!! They finally got the stir-ups out and I could barely put my feet in them. Tyson had to help me put my right foot in.  It was like a scene from a movie where the lady is yelling in pain as she gives birth. I kept saying I couldn’t do it. I swore I was never going to have another baby again. I knew I needed to push her out and that there was no way around it, but it felt impossible. Each push only lasted a few seconds and then I had to catch my breath. Tyson was coaching me through each push and I remember listening to his voice and drowning out everything else. Crowning is bad, but like they say the shoulders are the worst. Raegan was delivered in only 5 minutes of pushing, but it felt like a whole lot longer. I never thought I would be happy to birth a 9 pound baby. I was just glad she wasn’t as big as, or bigger than, her sister.

After Raegan was born the doctor quickly cut the cord and passed her off to the Neonatologist who started sucking out her lungs. Tyson went over to see our daughter, while I delivered the placenta and was stitched back together. Speaking of which I had to get a numbing shot before getting stitches, because I could feel it. Mmmhhmmm the epidural was useless and had I seen the anesthesiologist during that moment I probably would have punched her in the face. After Raegan was stable they brought her over to me and I was able to hold her for maybe 2 minutes. During this short time was when we got our picture. Then they took her away to NICU to get her started on antibiotics. I was told that I could go see Raegan in the NICU once the epidural had fully worn off. Good one, cause that bad boy wore off a long time ago. So within 30 minutes of giving birth I was up walking to the NICU by myself. Our sweet baby girl was hooked up to so many wires and was in worse condition than we expected. She was having a hard time breathing on her own and that was just the start of our 9 days in the NICU.


During my stay at the hospital I kept getting fevers during the first 24 hours. They tested my blood and placenta and never found the cause of the infection. I was kept there for the full 48 hours to finish out the antibiotics, which was fine with me because Raegan was still in the NICU.

Our wonderful Aunts, Carley and Taylor, took some newborn pics for us.       

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