RIP Vera Wang

For our one-year Anniversary we got back in our wedding get up and did a trash the dress photo shoot.

Deciding whether or not to do this photo shoot was very difficult for me. My inner extremist wanted to do an underwater photo shoot, I even considered buying fire proof pants and catching the tulle on fire, but we kept it safe(ish).

My heart wanted to keep the dress in mint condition, thinking that one day maybe my baby girl would want to try on the dress. My heart lost the battle and we went forward with the plan.

We started off in a lake, where the water was so cold I could barely breathe. Not only was the water cold, but the sand as well. Everyone including the photographer was numb to the bone (like step on a piece of glass and not care, numb). We finished the shoot at a heated pool underwater, which came with it’s own set of struggles.

1,000 yards of tulle underwater feels like you are being engulfed in 1,000 lbs of seaweed. There were times I feared being swallowed up in the dress and not being able to get another breath. Lucky for me I have a husband who does a fantastic job at saving my life. The photos turned out amazing!! Hope you enjoy.


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First flight

Holy Moly!!

We made it to Vegas and back in one piece AND didn’t get kicked off the plane!! Phew! I had been so excited/fearing this trip for so long. Riis is not the easiest of kids and I could just see this 5 hour flight being a disaster. We started off by buying two huge (25 pair) containers of earplugs for those lucky passengers around us. Tyson was the smarty who thought that one up. I was just going to avoid eye contact with everyone.

Our flight to Vegas was at 8am :/ so we left our place at 5am to allow extra time. We had pre-check so security was a breeze, especially because we had both of us. Riis was pretty good until about 30 min prior to boarding where she started to get fussy. This made both us and everyone around nervous for our flight with Riis. Once we got on the plane she passed out and slept for two whole hours!! Normally she is a terrible napper. Then she woke up and played for about an hour and went back to sleep for the remainder of the flight. When we landed everyone commented on how great of a baby she was. Hah!!! Little do they know how huge of a blessing that was.


Our week in Vegas was loads of fun! Riis was able to meet most of her family and made new friends. She was blessed by Tyson on Mother’s Day, which was such a great day. And you guessed it! She cried during the entire blessing, but that’s okay. She just likes to express herself. Prior to Vegas Riis had only been in her car seat a handful of times, so you can only imagine the struggle that brought. She absolutely hated it. Every car ride consisted of screaming and crying until she fell asleep or until we reached our destination. Luckily the car did help in putting her to sleep if she was tired enough. Riis also got to go swimming for her first time and loved it! We had so much fun seeing family it was very hard to leave.

IMG_2149     48543D1D-0EFB-4B39-9A33-64A24F562EC3 2B25EAC2-2DED-45A6-94BA-67A2E0A337D4 D181DE73-5852-4F84-9314-6A18C858787FIMG_218761DEB32C-9B98-4012-8D41-8ED109A5DA48 40E83712-6FD0-4B7B-A0E6-A51F2123740D E4536826-0A6A-401D-868D-D365248EAE30 FD480C83-5CEA-4743-8DC5-B4E9F1895EFA B3D2317C-FFD5-4AAA-A93D-CE79DD20484185559E66-27E5-460D-B05A-E806A03A2296 4802BC72-C4C7-4D60-8E07-98CD0B739FCD 2F7C97BA-CE6D-4216-AE80-B183D6530089

Our flight home was much more of a struggle. Riis cried all the way to the airport and then wanted to only be held. We rushed to our gate and got on the plane once we got there. At first we had a neighbor sitting next to us, but the awesome flight attendant made him move to give us extra room. Props to Delta!! Riis fell asleep quickly again and I thought we were off to a good start. This time she only slept about an hour and then we played hot potato with the baby trying to calm her down. Then we started getting major stink eye and eye rolls from our fellow passengers. Riis was only whining and they had no idea what she is capable of. She fell asleep for maybe another hour and then woke up again. Once we got off the plane we had to wait in a 15 min line to get a taxi. Riis really started to freak out and so I took her outside to try and calm her down. She cried so hard that everyone around was staring. A security guard even asked if she could hold Riis for me. I said “no” cause I thought that was weird, but then I realized she was only trying to help. She then let us jump people in line and got us a taxi quicker. After this experience I am not sure if I am ready to fly alone with this kid yet. It was hard with the two of us and I can’t even imagine what it would have been like alone.

IMG_2209 IMG_2211


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Cabo Wabo

We just got back from a quick trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where we did every kind of activity we could fit in our schedule. Dinner cruise out to El Arco Famoso (the famous arch), 4-wheeling along the Sea of Cortez, swimming, crab hunting, snorkeling, eating (endless pina coladas), and shopping. We got all of our fun in before we move to NYC and crack down on finding an apartment and starting work. IMG_0294 IMG_0470 IMG_0461 IMG_0320 IMG_0308    IMG_0335 IMG_0342   IMG_0333 IMG_0447IMG_0426IMG_0409  IMG_0428IMG_0441   IMG_0505 IMG_0532IMG_0524  IMG_0553

The food was to die for! We tried everything Tyson said would be yummy… and then some.

IMG_0450  IMG_0533IMG_0534  IMG_0539 IMG_0540  IMG_0549  IMG_0550  IMG_0548 IMG_0627IMG_0552 IMG_0628 IMG_0578 IMG_0547IMG_0602

Few things I learned:

  • The children will chase you around and beg for pesos until your heart caves in and you do it. BUT if you give one a peso they are start swarming like ants on a cookie crumb.
  • Kisses are “medicine” and when your boat driver, Tony, tells you to give each other some “medicine” for the picture you do it.
  • They have a famous cave they call the Mexican factory. Tony said “Two go in, three come out”. On the other side is Pirates cave “Three go in, two come out.” Not to be mixed up.

IMG_0613IMG_0626 IMG_0622   IMG_0631  IMG_0635 IMG_0632IMG_0634

Finished our last night in Mexico with some Cocos Frios (cold coconuts) and watched the surfers. Adios muchachos!!


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