Newborn photoshoot

Riis had her first photoshoot. The photographer was amazingly patient as Riis fussed and we had to calm her down every 5 minutes. She also peed on almost every prop, the photographer, and on me three times. So for our first family photo I was drenched in urine. Hope you enjoy some cuteness!!
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ONE month

This first month has flown by. It has been full of snuggles, kisses, dirty diapers, feedings, tears, sleep deprivation, lots of prayers, and full of love.

IMG_1726IMG_1719Loved this sneezing pic way too much to leave it out.

The Friday following Riis’ birth we took her to the pediatrician to get her bilirubin levels checked again. That night we were informed her level had gone up and we needed to take her to the emergency room, not what brand new parents want to hear. So Friday night we went to the emergency room and were admitted to New York Presbyterian to get Riis started on phototherapy. Nothing breaks your heart more than watching your daughter get her heels pricked, multiple times over several days, to get blood drawn. We expected to only be at the hospital for one night, but ended up being there for a couple. Tyson and I were exhausted and could not get any sleep, because about every two hours we had a nurse or doctor coming in to check on Riis and her progress. We also had to share a tiny couch to sleep on. Sunday we were finally released from the hospital and able to go home. IMG_1583IMG_1584

Riis is a long lean lady and is off the charts for her height. At first she struggled with putting on weight, but now we are on the road to success. Chunky baby rolls here we come! She loves snuggles and gets upset when we put her to sleep in her bed. She also hates to be swaddled and needs her arms to be free. Riis is a sleep squeaker (talker) and giggler. At first I would jump to her side with every squeak she made, but now my mom mode has relaxed some.


We took her on the subway to get lunch when she was 3 weeks old. I about had a heart attack. I was paranoid about all the germs and freaked out if someone got too close to her. New Yorkers are super nice and move out of the way when you are pregnant, but once you have the baby they don’t care. I once saw a man cuss out a lady, because her stroller took up too much space on the subway. Not okay! So I just throw on my RBF and make my way through the city.


Riis HATES tooting and pooping. We suffer through hours of nonstop crying before we get a bowel movement. She has maybe one a day if we are lucky, but that means we get huge blowouts. Showers with daddy are the quickest way to clean up that action. Sometimes she likes to poop, pee, and barf on you while changing her diaper. She likes to keep us on our toes.



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Riis’ birth story

Our baby girl is finally here! Riis Marie Bryan was born February 1, 2017 at 12:12pm. She weighed 9lbs 11.8oz and measured 21.25 inches long. Big baby right!? We will get to that little detail.IMG_1607

The spelling of her name is unique, and no we didn’t just make it up. Tyson and I were in Brooklyn exploring one day and came across a street named Riis street. We loved the spelling and the name stuck.

This past month as I was trying to prepare mentally for the birth of Riis I imagined every possible way I could go into labor. Maybe my water would break walking down the street or worse on the Subway. Also if it were to happen on the subway would it be while standing or sitting. If sitting then there is the possibility of soaking everyone around you! GROSS!! I know, but my prego brain was freaking out.

 Another fear of mine was finding a ride to the hospital. My ride of choice was a taxi cab. This is because they are quicker and know where they are going better than uber drivers do. There is also a law that they can’t discriminate against pregnant women, which is big because I am sure many have heard the story of the pregnant NY woman who’s uber driver denied her a ride to the hospital because he didn’t want her to mess up his car. If you haven’t you can find the story here.

My last concern was that Tyson wouldn’t be able to make it in time, cause you know… Wall Street. And of course the closer we got to her due date the more projects he was getting assigned to and the later the nights were getting. Meaning that if my water were to break at 3am there is a chance he still would be at work. So packed in our hospital bag was an energy drink for daddy to be, just in case the adrenaline rush wasn’t enough. Luckily for me though all of these concerns of mine didn’t come into play and the process was actually quiet smooth compared to these nightmare situations I thought up.

Riis didn’t actually end up coming on her own. I tried everything I could to get labor started. Daily lunges, squats, raspberry tea, walks, spicy food, foot massage, etc. You name it and I tried it. Our stubborn little lady stayed high up in my tummy though, causing me to be induced 4 days after her due date. So Tuesday January 31 my mom, Tyson, and I jumped in a taxi and made our way to the hospital around 4:30pm. When we got to the hospital I was still only dilated to a 1 and about 60% effaced with contractions that I could not feel. Which meant no improvement from my last appointment, where my doctor had stripped my membrane.


After being at the hospital for about two hours they finally decided they were going to insert a foley bulb into my cervix and start me on pitocin. A foley bulb is a catheter that they insert through your cervix and then they inflate it once inside the womb. The pressure the inflated balloon applies to the cervix helps dilate you quicker and once you’ve dilated between a 4- 5 the balloon falls out on its own.

SO they sent in two residents to put my foley bulb in place. First off, the title resident isn’t very assuring. Then they argued with my nurse about which foley bulb was the correct one to use. The residents eventually gave in and used the one my nurse insisted was correct and my confidence in them plummeted. The junior resident was the one attempting the procedure. He was going to manually place it in my cervix, which is supposed to be less painful than when they have to use the special tool. I am not sure how painful having a foley bulb inserted in your cervix is supposed to be, but I hope I never have to be induced this way ever again. The junior resident tried three times to get the catheter through my cervix. Each time he tried for several minutes and still could not successfully get it through. I was sweating and had tears streaming down my face from the pain. He finally gave up trying manually and used the tool. The pain was supposed to be worse, but it actually hurt SO much less. He still could not get the catheter through, so the senior resident finally stepped in and got the job done in one shot. I was so relieved they finally got it in, but pissed they put me through so much pain when the senior resident could have done it the first try. Once the catheter was in place they inflated the balloon and I still did not have enough pressure against my cervix, because Riis was so high up. My nurse had to attach an IV bag full of fluid to the end of the catheter creating a weight that was constantly tugging down the balloon against my cervix.

During this whole process they had already started the pitocin and within minutes of getting the foley bulb situated the contractions started full blown. Earlier, before they had even decided how they were going to induce me, I asked Tyson if I could have a couple starbursts because I was starving. I literally only had a few and quickly regretted it when the hard contractions hit. The contractions were so strong and measuring about a minute apart. They were too intense for Riis, so they lowered the amount of pitocin down to 1ml. My whole body was shaking uncontrollably and those few starbursts I had eaten quickly came up. The foley bulb was still in place, meaning I wasn’t even dilated to a 5 yet. I felt like I was going to die and couldn’t get myself to ask for an epidural yet. I felt like a wimp asking for one so early in the game, but finally gave in after only 15 minutes more of contractions and requested one ASAP. The anesthesiologist was there within 10 minutes, but it felt like an hour. The nurse made my mom and Tyson leave the room when I had the epidural put in place and then she helped me hold as still as I could. A few hard contractions later and I finally could breath again. The pain was gone and I felt like I was on cloud 9. The nurse took me completely off pitocin, because the contractions were remaining steady at 1.5 minutes apart.

Within a couple hours I started to feel the contractions again. At first they were mild and then they started to build up in intensity. I kept hitting the button to get an extra dose every 20 minutes, but it wasn’t relieving the pain. When I reached the point of tears I requested the anesthesiologist come back and adjust my epidural. She pulled it out a bit and then gave me an extra dose to help knock out the pain. The foley bulb still had not fallen out at this point.

Every few hours the contraction pain would come back and the anesthesiologist would have to adjust the epidural in my back. It literally took about 12 hours for the foley bulb to finally fall out and I was only dilated to a 5.5. The doctor was still not at the hospital and I wasn’t progressing fast enough, so the senior resident came back in to break my water.

Once again a couple hours later I started to feel the contractions AGAIN and the extra dosages were still not helping! I requested the anesthesiologist fix the epidural, hoping it would finally do it’s job. They said that if it didn’t work this time the epidural would have to be removed and reinserted into my back. The anesthesiologist took his sweet time to come and fix the epidural, and during that time I had started transitional labor. At about 10am the nurse came in and had me put on an oxygen mask because my blood pressure had dropped. For the next hour I was on and off oxygen, then finally got the epidural adjusted into the proper place. I had about 15 minutes of rest before my doctor came in and discovered that I was dilated to a 10. Then she literally grabbed Riis’ head with her hand and tried to pull her down further, because she was still really high up. Tyson was asleep and was woken up with “It’s go time”. The doctor left to go change her clothes and came back around 11:45 am.


With my first push Riis’ head was showing and the doctor gasped with excitement. She just kept telling me I was so awesome and such a great pusher. With each push she got more and more excited, which was very encouraging. After a couple of pushes my blood pressure dropped again and I had to have oxygen on in between the rest of the contractions. I kept telling the doctor I didn’t think I would be able to feel if I was having another contraction, but sure enough I knew exactly when it was coming. About 15 minutes in the nurse passed my left leg to my mom so she could run out and get the baby nurses. No one thought she would come as quickly as she did. After 16 minutes of pushing Riis had crowned! Tyson said the doctor played with her hair while we waited for the next contraction to come. I thought that was kind of funny. The doctor also asked me if I wanted to reach down and feel her head. I know it sounds horrible, but I declined the offer. I was more focused on getting her out. Two pushes later she was out! I pushed an almost 10 pound baby out in 20 minutes flat. My doctor was so excited she called my other doctor to tell her what had just happened. After that every nurse, doctor, or medical professional I passed in the hospital congratulated me and told me I was awesome. LEGEND!!


Once Riis was born the doctor put her on me and I felt like I was in a dream. This perfect little baby was all ours. Tyson leaned in and started talking to me, I don’t remember what he was saying, but Riis immediately leaned her head back towards his voice and looked at him. That’s when the tears hit me. She knew exactly who her dad was.  IMG_1570 IMG_1567 Tyson became a diaper changing pro and had to teach me his skills.



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  I normally am not a big fan of donuts, but after craving them for a whole week I finally gave in and made my way to Dunkin’ Donuts. The cashier gave me a smirky smile and asked how far along I was followed by a million other questions about my pregnancy. After answering all of them she winked and gave me two free donuts!! Did I eat them? No. But that lady sure knows how to make a pregnant woman feel special. Especially because nothing in New York is free.

My favorite parts of being pregnant so far are: subway seats, free food, our awesome doorman, George, who calls me “Tiny” just to make me feel better about my ever enlarging figure, and of course the end result of having a sweet baby girl. Other than that let’s be real, being pregnant is a pain in the butt.img_1448

Our 4-pound princess is growing so fast that I am sometimes afraid she is going to break me. Her kicks and punches are stronger than ever and are never ending. At least once a day she stretches out and you can see a foot bulging out of my stomach. I have to gently push her back in, because it freaks me out. Sometimes I am tempted to try taking a tiny bit of NyQuil just to get a little bit of relief from her movement.


The only thing Riis loves more than food is her Daddy. She shoves her whole body as close as she can to him, depending on which side of me he is on. Making my stomach look morphed and lopsided. She likes to listen when he talks to her and then go into full karate mode when he stops. I just know I am going to have my hands full with this Daddy Daughter duo.


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It’s a GIRL!

Tyson and I both thought for sure we were having a boy. We even made the doctor double check the gender on Friday at our 20 week appointment. Yup, she is definitely a girl and we now have pictures of her goodies with “Girl Parts” typed across it and an arrow directing us where to look.

img_3936 img_3939 img_3940 img_3941 img_3899img_3943-2img_3944-2 img_3946

Throughout this pregnancy I have come across MANY people who felt the need to tell me the gender of our baby. Or what they thought the gender of our baby would be. When this happened I always asked them why they thought it would be that particular gender. My favorite answer was from a girl I worked with. She is from Turkey, grew up in New Jersey, and is the only person who told me I was having a girl. When I asked her why she thought it was a girl she said “In my culture we believe that when you are having a girl she takes away the mother’s beauty during pregnancy.” Uummm what?? As my jaw dropped the situation just continued to get more awkward as she tried to dig herself out of the hole she blew out from under her. Let’s just say that after this experience I tried a little harder on getting myself put together. But when you combine heat, humidity, and pregnancy it tends to be scary at times, even if you put the effort in.


Tyson’s heart is already being taken over by our baby girl. She is definitely a daddy’s girl and starts moving all over when he gets home from work at night. Attention seeker… just like her dad.


Photos taken by: Brooke Morrill

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Ginger or Brunette?

Red hair is definitely a recessive gene and I think my brunette babe of a husband’s genes are going to take over my recessive red locks. I would love to have at least just one little ginger baby girl. Fingers crossed!! If I had to guess I would say baby B will have brown hair and look more like Tyson, but we will just have to wait and see. Here are some baby pics of Tyson and I.

IMG_1092 IMG_1103 IMG_1094 IMG_1107 FullSizeRender IMG_1111 IMG_1096 IMG_1108  IMG_1099 IMG_1110 IMG_1098 IMG_1109

One question I get asked quite often is whether or not I will let me hair go back to it’s natural red color if our baby has red hair. The answer to that is probably not. For now I will be staying blonde.


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Oh Baby!

Bryan preg poster

We are super duper excited to announce that we are having a baby! Our baby is due January 27, 2017, which just so happens to be the same day 3 of my 4 siblings were born on as well. 

Being pregnant is nothing like I imagined. I always pictured growing a super cute belly that everyone gawks over, eating whatever you want, and thinking of a million name options. In reality it is rough stuff getting to that super cute belly and eating is more of a chore than anything. We are so very grateful that we were blessed with the opportunity to have a baby, but the severe nausea and puking that makes me want to curl up in bed all day is very draining.

My food aversions include…EVERYTHING. Just looking at our kitchen or the thought of going to the grocery store makes me want to puke and I avoid it at ALL costs. I also cry almost everyday as I take the subway home from work and have to decide what to eat for dinner. Food that I can’t even handle includes, broccoli, asparagus, any type of warm veggies, and ice cream (which is so sad). I go from liking one thing to hating it the next week.

Smells are HUGE triggers to immediate gut wrenching nausea and here in New York City there are endless amounts of horrible smells. There is nothing like a whiff of hot humid trash after a long day of sitting in the sun, followed by Chinese food three steps later. Barf!

One thing I have craved is melted nacho cheese. I have been known to make a few stops at Wetzel’s Pretzels or this sandwich shop behind our apartment that puts nacho cheese on tater tots. When we went to a Yankees game we got a whole bucket full of cheese fries. The man sitting behind me was shocked until I explained my situation and need for cheese.

Tyson has been working countless hours, and by countless hours I mean so many hours that 99% of you reading this can’t even imagine having to work that much. He is the hardest most dedicated worker I have ever met and I am so grateful he is my husband. I on the other hand work a little over 40-hour weeks, get home, and that’s the end of it. The nausea controls my life. The laundry, dishes, and chores pile up as I struggle to get through the long weeks.

My hormones are another story. I have shed lots of tears these last few months. Tyson gets home from work at 3am and tells me he loves me… and I cry. I once met Tyson for a quick dinner break one night and tears started streaming down my face when I saw him. Luckily these are all happy tears. I don’t feel sad, just overly excited or happy to see him.

At my 8 week appointment my super wonderful doctor prescribed me a couple of different medications to help me get through the nausea my first trimester. These have worked miracles and have eased the struggle to make it through each day… and night.

We are happy to share our big news and I will now be back in the blogging game, as I feel better now in my second trimester.


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Small Spaces

After a month of being in New York I am finally posting about our tiny studio apartment. We have downsized by just a couple hundred square feet. No big deal, right? Let’s just say Tyson and I have never been closer. Our apartment in Salt Lake was 720 square feet and our apartment here in New York is 500 square feet. Not only is it smaller in size, but almost three times the price. $$$

In reality we found the cutest apartment that is in the heart of Manhattan, NY. The best part is that we started from new and decorated until our hearts were content.

First is our bathroom, reminding you to “Be Awesome today”.


We had to get creative with the kitchen, because there is not a lot of room for storage.


Luckily we have a bar, because a table just won’t fit.


Our dresser doubles as a T.V. stand.


We separated the studio with this bookshelf, creating it into almost what feels like two rooms. (almost)


On the other side of the bookshelf is our “bedroom”.

IMG_0862 IMG_0863

Last but not least is the beautiful view from our only window. Welcome to downtown New York.


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Birthday Bliss

This weekend was perfect in every way!! I had Tyson to myself ALL weekend, which is a rare occurrence. First he took me shopping. We went to, what seems like, every store in SOHO (Tyson is actually super fun to shop with). Then we got my favorite snack, popcorn, from the Brooklyn Popcorn truck. Jalapeno was our flavor of choice and it was de-lish! Our popcorn held us over as we took a walk across the Brooklyn bridge and got the most amazing pizza at Ignazio’s Pizza for a late lunch.

IMG_0848IMG_0830IMG_0813 IMG_0814 IMG_0816IMG_0827IMG_0833 IMG_0834IMG_0845 IMG_0846 For dinner Tyson took me to Black Tap. We waited in line for two whole hours for this amazing milkshake. This one is the cotton candy milkshake, which is a strawberry shake topped with cotton candy, sixlets, and suckers. $15 bucks for this bad boy, but worth every penny. The hamburgers were just as great, but that could have been because we were starving.

Tips for going to the Black Tap:

  • It is a small bar that only holds 14 people, so go with a party of two if possible.
  • If you are going just for their famous shakes, try and get in the standing room.
  • You will also get in quicker if it is just for a shake, no meal.
  • Tyson say’s “Go eary!!”, we learned our lesson.


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FiDi (Financial District)

We are officially residents of the Financial District, a few blocks from Wall Street. Tyson and I were able to be tourists last week and explore the island. I used to think taxis were invincible. Turns out taxis crash too. We got into a small fender bender on our way to sign for our apartment, but nothing stops a New Yorker. The taxi driver checked it out, decided it wasn’t a big deal, and we continued to our destination. TyTy, we’re not in Utah anymore.

IMG_0695 IMG_0688IMG_0708IMG_0716 IMG_0709IMG_0732 IMG_0734
IMG_0745  IMG_0752IMG_0750IMG_0753  IMG_0754

On our last night to celebrate before Tyson started work we went to 10Below and got the coolest ice cream. The line was about an hour long, but totally worth the wait, because you get dessert and a show. The process of making it is almost as fun as the end product. Let’s just say it’s my new favorite ice cream place and everyone who visits us will definitely be trying it out.


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