FiDi (Financial District)

We are officially residents of the Financial District, a few blocks from Wall Street. Tyson and I were able to be tourists last week and explore the island. I used to think taxis were invincible. Turns out taxis crash too. We got into a small fender bender on our way to sign for our apartment, but nothing stops a New Yorker. The taxi driver checked it out, decided it wasn’t a big deal, and we continued to our destination. TyTy, we’re not in Utah anymore.

IMG_0695 IMG_0688IMG_0708IMG_0716 IMG_0709IMG_0732 IMG_0734
IMG_0745  IMG_0752IMG_0750IMG_0753  IMG_0754

On our last night to celebrate before Tyson started work we went to 10Below and got the coolest ice cream. The line was about an hour long, but totally worth the wait, because you get dessert and a show. The process of making it is almost as fun as the end product. Let’s just say it’s my new favorite ice cream place and everyone who visits us will definitely be trying it out.


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Temple Square to Time Square

Moving to New York has been the craziest and most exciting move. We have been prepping, planning, and packing for what seems like months. We also sold EVERYTHING!! We sold my car, Tyson’s truck, our dressers, and everything that is too big for only one person to carry. Tyson’s Motorcycle, or as I like to call it his other love, is safe and sound in Vegas. We shipped the rest of our belongings to New York in a 7X7  POD and left Salt Lake with 5 suit cases. IMG_0662 Today we walked 6.5 miles (according to the Fitbit) and looked at 5 apartments. The air is very humid compared to Salt Lake and my hair has been struggling. It takes twice as long to dry now, bumskies! There is lots to learn and so much to take in. Even the huge piles of trash on the side of the street at night fascinates me. BUT I am proud to say we are using Google maps less and I had a “tourist” walk around Tyson and our Broker, right up to me to ask for directions. Did I know where she should go? Nope. Maybe next time. IMG_0668 IMG_0672

 Of course we had to get pizza not only our first day, but our second as well. We found an awesome pizza joint that is close, fast, and delicious.


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Cabo Wabo

We just got back from a quick trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where we did every kind of activity we could fit in our schedule. Dinner cruise out to El Arco Famoso (the famous arch), 4-wheeling along the Sea of Cortez, swimming, crab hunting, snorkeling, eating (endless pina coladas), and shopping. We got all of our fun in before we move to NYC and crack down on finding an apartment and starting work. IMG_0294 IMG_0470 IMG_0461 IMG_0320 IMG_0308    IMG_0335 IMG_0342   IMG_0333 IMG_0447IMG_0426IMG_0409  IMG_0428IMG_0441   IMG_0505 IMG_0532IMG_0524  IMG_0553

The food was to die for! We tried everything Tyson said would be yummy… and then some.

IMG_0450  IMG_0533IMG_0534  IMG_0539 IMG_0540  IMG_0549  IMG_0550  IMG_0548 IMG_0627IMG_0552 IMG_0628 IMG_0578 IMG_0547IMG_0602

Few things I learned:

  • The children will chase you around and beg for pesos until your heart caves in and you do it. BUT if you give one a peso they are start swarming like ants on a cookie crumb.
  • Kisses are “medicine” and when your boat driver, Tony, tells you to give each other some “medicine” for the picture you do it.
  • They have a famous cave they call the Mexican factory. Tony said “Two go in, three come out”. On the other side is Pirates cave “Three go in, two come out.” Not to be mixed up.

IMG_0613IMG_0626 IMG_0622   IMG_0631  IMG_0635 IMG_0632IMG_0634

Finished our last night in Mexico with some Cocos Frios (cold coconuts) and watched the surfers. Adios muchachos!!


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