T Y & K Y

Tyson and I met in the summer of 2014. He batted those luscious lashes of his my way and I was smitten.

We are adventure enthusiasts and often tested one another’s toughness back in our dating days. Our first date was a hike to Suicide Rock (A spray painted rock that you can view in our Engagement video). Little miss clumsy me slipped and sliced open my ankle. I tried to pretend like it was no big deal, even after Tyson noticed the blood staining my white shoes.

Ever since then we like to throw in some blood pumping, adrenaline rushing dates.IMG_3723

IMG_3967 IMG_3970

Skydiving from 18,000 ft is no joke!! Especially when you land on your booty ^


After a year of marriage in Salt Lake City, UT we moved to New York City, NY. This has been our biggest adventure yet and we love everything about New York. If you would like to follow this Provo, UT girl and her lover boy as we dive into the big apple, buckle up cause we are all in for a ride!