A L L   T H I N G S   W E D D I N G:

Everything from our engagement photos, bridals, groomals, and awesome videos.

Let’s start with the engagement 01/01/2015

Tyson proposed on New Years Eve, right as the clock struck 12. Cinderella story or what!?IMG_4263


The night went something like this:

Tyson picked me up and gave me a dozen roses (a little abnormal). Dinner was at the Melting Pot followed by a trip up to our favorite park in the Avenues, where we went to watch the fireworks. While at the park I received a dozen more roses and I knew, at that point, what was about to happen. When midnight came we lit our sparklers and jumped out of the truck, where Tyson pretended to slip on ice… down one knee. The rest is history.

For our engagements we traveled down to St. George

KyTy-Engagements-23 KyTy-Engagements-43  KyTy-Engagements-83 KyTy-Engagements-87 KyTy-Engagements-108  KyTy-Engagements-129


 We dealt with all kinds of weather, everything from clouds to rain and even snow. Tons of fun, but very draining. The best advice I can give is to bring a snacks and a smile on your face.

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 AE3A6560 AE3A6586 AE3A6588 AE3A6589  AE3A6650 AE3A6634AE3A6677  AE3A6796 AE3A6808 AE3A6810

The Big Day! 03/28/2015

We planned our wedding in 3 months!! Talk about crazy time 101. I was busy with my last semester in school, working full time, planning the biggest service project at the U (Project Youth), and planning a wedding. And if I could go back, I would do it all over again. Planning a wedding is full of stress, but at the same time so much fun.

When the day finally came all I cared about was Tyson and how we were about to spend eternity together. wedding Day-39 wedding Day-40 wedding Day-49 wedding Day-115 wedding Day-124 wedding Day-136 wedding Day-138 wedding Day-145 wedding Day-159 wedding Day-163 wedding Day-170 wedding Day-173 wedding Day-241 wedding Day-185 wedding Day-192 wedding Day-206 wedding Day-227 wedding Day-231 wedding Day-242 wedding Day-247  wedding Day-275 wedding Day-276

Moms are the best!!

wedding Day-262 wedding Day-286

wedding Day-295 wedding Day-304 wedding Day-333 wedding Day-335 wedding Day-380 wedding Day-388 wedding Day-408wedding Day-539 wedding Day-505  wedding Day-584 wedding Day-775 wedding Day-614      wedding Day-798 wedding Day-812 wedding Day-818 wedding Day-882 wedding Day-884 wedding Day-897 wedding Day-906 wedding Day-922 wedding Day-923 wedding Day-934 wedding Day-667 wedding Day-671wedding Day-976 wedding Day-1013 wedding Day-707wedding Day-740 wedding Day-1021 wedding Day-1022 wedding Day-1120 wedding Day-1130 wedding Day-1138 wedding Day-1141 wedding Day-1148 wedding Day-1157 wedding Day-1171 wedding Day-1179 wedding Day-1183 wedding Day-1246 wedding Day-1261 wedding Day-1289 wedding Day-1322 wedding Day-1348 wedding Day-1378 wedding Day-1381 wedding Day-1404 wedding Day-1405 wedding Day-1406 wedding Day-1407 wedding Day-1307 wedding Day-1311wedding Day-1449 wedding Day-1453 wedding Day-1456 wedding Day-1468 wedding Day-1471

Last, but not least, our Engagement and Wedding videos




Engagement photos: Nate Kinzie

Bridals/Groomals/Wedding photos: Nathan Ivie

Engagement Video: Ryan Southwell

Wedding Video: Nathan Pickett